What happened to the zoom?

You must login to use the zoom utility, you may already have a login and simply have to plug in your user email and password. If you don't have a login yet please visit the registration page for more details on how to get a subscriber account or apply for a client account. Click here to get to the login and registration portal.

What happened to the archive?

We have temporarily taken our archive off-line, but will be restoring it to the website sometime in the future. Currently you can view the two most recent show seasons before the login and two further archived seasons after login.

Don't worry if you want to publish archive pictures we can still help you with historic searches. Contact us with details of your publishing project and a Catwalking researcher will be delighted to discuss it with you. If we have the pictures you are looking for, or something similar, we will send you an online lightbox for easy viewing. There may be a charge for the service so please give us enough information on which to base our quote. 

I don't just want to browse, I need to buy publishing rights, can I do this?

Yes of course, Catwalking has been supplying pictures for magazines, newspapers and books for decades. UK clients can contact us directly to discuss opening a client account. Please go to the Registration page where you will find a handy form to send us more information about yourself, and we will contact you to discuss your requirements. Getty Images are our picture partners outside of the UK, and you can find much of Catwalking's front of house catwalk collections through their online portal at gettyimages.com.

How do I get pictures for my page layouts?

If you are a picture publishing client you will be able to download low res files through the lighbox "download comp" button. This is the blue button located top left on the lightbox menu bar. Choose to either download a selection made by checking the selection box under individual pictures, or simply choose to download all. Pictures are downloaded to your web browser's pre selected download folder. The pictures will carry a handy watermark to remind you where you got the picture.